Monday, May 30, 2005


Episode I, II , III, IV, V, VI all in one day!

We started the fest at 6am and then watched right through the day to 10.15pm. Crazy! And to be really honest, I can't remember what actually happened in Episode III cause its all blurred into one long movie. Don't think the 12 hour flight and hence jet lag the day before really helped!

I'd like to say I'm proud of myself, but to be honest it was a rather long day and I doubt I'll do it again anytime soon. That said, I am a Star Wars fan, not the geeky, crazy 'I want to be a Storm Trooper' kinda guy, but they're good films. This isn't the place to do a 6 part review, there are enough of them out there on the web anyway.

I do have to link to this hilarious short-movie Mike showed me: 'Storewars' It just cracked me up! I'll never look at my groceries in the same way again.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A tribute to Tommy Kwan - Wang Lee Hom lookalike extraordinaire!

Well my mate Tommy Kwan is a special kind of person. I mean not everybody looks like pop-star Wang Lee Hom (no I'd never heard of him either) but suffice to say, Tommy does, and he's milking it in! Ladies and all!

'I find myself surrounded by adoring uni females!'

Check out Tommy's new blog to get the low-down of his exploits in China.

Now I'm off to reconcile the echos of Anthony singing 'triiii-i-buuu-ute' in that wierd song we used to sing in our late night uni guitar sessions that I can't remember the name of right now!

Friday, May 20, 2005

Celebration of Discipline

Starting on the 1st June, I'll be going through the book 'Celebration of Discpline' with some others. This will be hosted by Liz Tai over a We'll go through a chapter a week and post our thoughts and comments to each others entries. If you're interested in blogging with us, then pop over to here and leave a message.

Here's an extract from Liz's blog.
We've got quite a few people interested in blogging through Robert Foster's Celebration of Discipline. The book, as Baggas helpfully pointed out, is no.8 on Christianity Today's Top 100 books of the 20th century. (C.S Lewis's Mere Christianity, one of the books I'm reading now, is No.1!)

And here's an index of the articles I've written so far: car is dead

After many long years together (5 to be precise), my car finally gave up the ghost and died. So many fun many tight spots to squeeze into (and out of) many friends (it could have been mistaken for a taxi) many late night trips to luton and beyond...we truly have walked down the road of life together.

I know many of my readers (at least he thinks he has many readers) will recall happy experiences with the white automobile of nissian. Whether its breaking down on the M1 late at night, going round a roundabout the wrong way, or knocking down a bollard in the Galaxy center, there have been many adventures. Check out a previous post

So ... may the tributes (comments) flood in.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Is Natalie Wood a country western hero or villian?

I decided to check out my stats counter the other day. Its been trickling up over the last few weeks or so, so I thought it was high time I had a look at the big picture. I found some amusing results and thought I'd share with you some of the best ones...

Some unfortunate soul was searching for 'country western heros villians' and for some reason the search engine, in its anxious deliberation to serve up at least some 'results' churned up my blog. Poor soul...I really feel for them. I mean...who in their right mind would ever search for such a topic. That said, I can think of worse!

One result which pleased me, sought to highlight the usefulness of my birthdays section. Someone actually thought Yahoo could tell them 'Natalie Wood's birthday'...and it did, thanks to my birthdays page. The 12th October is that prestigious day (I write this just so that it will come up again in the search engine, hence increasing my rank.) Natalie is, by the way, a fellow student from my previous life in Keble.

*Quick plug* - if your birthday isn't listed on the right, and you'd like it to be, then drop me an email and I'll stick it up. I have a serious lack of dates for January, May, and December.

Monday, May 09, 2005

Graduation Day in Oxford

Benny Claire and Steve
Originally uploaded by Steveybabe.
Bit of a strange ceremony in Latin, I must admit. But it was good to get my degree and catch up with all my uni friends who I haven't seen for the past 9 months.

This is a photo of myself with Benny and Claire who are soon to be married. A great couple. Benny is actually part of the reason I ended up in Hong Kong...but that's another story!

Saturday, May 07, 2005

Grandparent's Wedding Day

Grandparent's Wedding Day
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Its my Grandparent's 50th wedding anniversary tomorrow and I'm very excited. Mainly because I'm very proud that they've actually made it through 50 years. You don't hear about many of those these days, which I think is really sad. I'm always encouraged when I hear of marriages that have lasted a life time.

Faithfulness is a virtue through which love blossoms.

Celebration of Discipline

Note to self: Messy Christian has now bought this book and will read it within hours of buying it (where does she find the time?!) I've had it on my shelf for almost a year now... get it out!

Thursday, May 05, 2005

A rather late Christmas and Easter

I got back to the UK this morning, returning to a boxful of Christmas and Easter presents! I was rather surprised and it felt a little wierd opening all these things in the middle of summer! But it was cool - lots of nice chocolate eggs - which i really missed out on while I was in Hong Kong (somehow Easter just doesn't get much attention there. Why? Four words: Sam Nin Faai Lok! Chinese New Year is far more important to them.) Then there was the deoderant and shower gel - and ok, I'll admit that I did actually need some as I'd left mine back in HK - but I am returning in two weeks time, so its not that long a wait really!! I found the super-duluxe-red-flashy-sports-car-masquerading-as-air-freshner toy also rather amusing. But hey! Its nice to know people still remembered me while I was away, and its nice to be back.

Graduation beckons...

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Lots of Links

OK, so the last few posts of mine have all been about links to friends sites. This is mainly to remind me of where they are and to visit them often. But instead of filling my blog with random posts like that, I'm gonna have a page that collects all the links and lists them. (Cause adding them to the right nav bar takes too long!) So here goes:

(in no particular order or genre)

Sunday, May 01, 2005


Ok, so I'm about to head back to the UK for a short two week stint there and today I came across a load of old friends blogs', anyway since I don't own a laptop, and my memory has the capacity of several small amoebas, I'm gonna have to write them down here.

All guys from my past who really rocked and I regretted losing contact with...time to change that.