Monday, November 14, 2005

Google risk!

In a comment to a [previous post] Simon mentioned that the barycenter of himself (in Durham) to me (in Hong Kong) is likely to be somewhere over the czech republic. Whilst he's probably not far off and way more sophisicated than Google Earth, I did have a little fun playing around with the measurement tool on the aforementioned program.

It turns out that we're separated by 5,901.17 Miles (that's 5,580,571.57 smoots) give or take a few inaccuracies in my ruler!!

Most of you know I'm a real sucker for anything with a 'global' theme. Hence I've been closely following another Google revelation - Google Maps. The cool thing for programmers is that Google have opened up their mapping software, allowing them to use maps in there programs.

Obviously this has some immediate implications - Housing Maps can now provide a clickable, zoomable, accurate map of their houses for sale in the usa (incidently driven by Craigslist), during Hurrican Katrina people were able to post online information about their whereabouts and the condition of the area they were in - great for worried families, and useful in planning humanitarian response.

But by far the coolest and funnest use I've found so far is Google Risk Its awesome! Not only do you get to play Risk (I love that game!) but you get to do it on a *real* map of the world that you can click and zoom and play with. We're gonna start a mass game in the office sometime thanks to XP's remote desktop feature!!!

Steve is very happy! :o)

Thursday, November 10, 2005

What to do...

This started off as a comment to Harriet's blog post. [ link ] but quickly grew into something more substantial as I realised the depth of my own time management problems. Thanks Harriet!!

The problem comes when my head becomes so full up of little things that need to be done that I don't do anything, other than try and sort through it. I'm procrastinating now. I should be filling in my UCAS form, or getting my head round my psychology project, or finding the email with Adam's address on so that I can post his birthday present, bought at the time of his birthday.

Adam's birthday was in August.

Ah yes! I know exactly what you mean. We're running up to a website deadline and there are so many things that people would like me to do. Post-it notes along with a book seem to work ok for me. Problem is, I get so overloaded with things to do that I don't know where to start. The main problem is that stack of email that is filling up in my inbox. Friends emailed me over a month ago and I still haven't replied. I really want to reply, but I want to find the time to do it properly...not just a quick 'hi' email. Plus, I only live a 2 minute walk from the office so I really have little excuse about traveling

People often say that we don't have enough time to do things...but that can't be strictly true because time is a continous thing. One day flows seemlessly into the next.

Maybe we just have too much to do sometimes!