Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Celebration of Discipline update

No seriously...its about time I did a post on the CoD chapters - I'm several behind. I must admit though that I've struggled to keep it going due to having rather a lot of work at the moment (on going website development deadline for the foreseable future) So, I'm gonna have to take things a little slower, though I still want to complete the book and write up all the chapters.

Whilst I'm in confession mode, I must also mention that i did skip a long way ahead a feasted on the chapter about guidance - read it twice and then wrote notes on it...more to come on that!

Monday, August 08, 2005

Hong Kong Helicopter Flight

Originally uploaded by Steveybabe.
It was my brother's birthday last week and given the fact that he and my dad are currently visiting me in Hong Kong, Dad decided to treat us all to a helicopter flight around Central. It was an awesome day and we all really enjoyed it. Check out the photos and I've put in lots of links to Google Maps so we can see exactly just where we went via satellite! Just roll the mouse over the images to see if there are any notes with links on them.