Friday, February 18, 2005

Online course

* Warning - only of interest to the geeks among you! *

I started taking an online teaching course about Security in Linux recently. There's about 8 people in total taking the course spread out across the world. I'm in Hong Kong, some of my class mates are in Australia and elsewhere, but the teacher is from the States.

We all chat via a program called Team Speak - which works on either Linux or Windows. We all get to see the teachers 'lecture notes' via a program called Tight VNC - that lets you view someone else's desktop, again it works on either Linux or Windows - which is very useful. The cool thing is that we are using PuTTY ( to login in to several computers including one to do labs on.

We're using Microsoft Virtual PC to load an entire linux distribution from a single file on my PC and display it on my desktop while Windows it running. Its very neat because it gets it own space to live on the machine with its own ip address so I can SSH into the 'virtual' linux from any other box, even though that machine is not really running linux.

Anyway, this online course is neat, technologically wise and cause I'm learning loads about routing packets through firewalls and auditing.

Monday, February 14, 2005


Found an interesting way to keep in touch with people.

You post your contact details and let your friends subscribe to them. If you change your address then you can update it here and your friends automatically see the changes. Ok so this is nothing new, but the cool stuff is that you can upload photos and journal entries and your friends can automatically see what you've done, plus they get an email each week with details - much easier for keeping in contact with lots of people.

Leave a comment here if you've signed up.

I'm at

Friday, February 11, 2005


February 2005
  • Started playing football on Monday evenings with some friends from Lam Tim. Its great fun but I need to learn Cantonese for 'pass the ball' and 'man on', and preferably 'shoot' too!
  • Tommy, a mate from uni, is in town. (He's been teaching in China for a few months now) Was good to have a reunion and catch up over a game of football! Felt like the Keeeeeble football buddies were reunited and the old magic came back! But I won't bore you with stories of our 'wonder' goals!
  • Happy Chinese New Year! Sam Nin Faai Lok!
    We had a grooving party on site. Matt and AJ were our DJ's for the night and we even set up a live webcast of the event via msn. Was a great evening!