Monday, April 16, 2007

Time to change a name

It has been suggested that the sub-title of my blog is slightly mis-leading...

"if you could suck my life into the internet it would look like this..."
I've been hearing certain groanings that I don't blog enough and therefore, according to this text, my life would be pretty dull... i.e. no blog posts therefore my life looks like .

But that does tend to exclude a primary factor in this case...laziness...yes, I've just been too lazy (substitute for 'busy ') to blog anything...shocking I know, but I'm gonna try again to change that.

So in order to avoid any embarrassment on my part, especially quips about being dull and boring, I'm inviting some new suggestions for this blog title. Can anyone suggest a better name? Seriously!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Lightning Strikes!

Ever wondered what happens when lightning strikes your car?

Will it still work?

Do the tyres melt?

Does the airbag fry?

Does the petrol tank explode?

Top Gear, that great car review show in the UK, have started posting mini reviews on YouTube. And of course, they just had to find out the answer! Take a look for yourself, its an awesome experiment. Was pretty impressed the car still worked fine afterwards!

And if you thought that 20-year males were the stereotype most prone to pulling donuts in their a small convertibles, then think again! These 80 year old grannies showed them a thing or two!