Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Hidden Holes on the MacLehose Trail

This is a classic photo from my fellow workmate and partner in crime - Mike. He and his wife have recently been trotting along the 10 stages of the 100km MacLehose trail in Hong Kong. I often go jogging along stage 10 as it passes right above where I live (yes it's up a mountain!)

There's something about translated sign posts in Hong Kong that reminds me of "Lost in Translation" Think that more to do with the title than anything else though!

Oxfam hosts an annual trailwalker race that ends on our premises. The current record for the 100-km MacLehose Trail is 11 hours 57 minutes! (2004)

Update: Mike's blogged his own photo!

Monday, March 20, 2006



We just installed a new firewall at work - does really clever stuff like actually looking at webpages before you read them - just to check you're not looking at dodgy stuff. The technical term is "content filtering" - letting through the good stuff and blocking the not so savoury stuff.

Only one problem... someone made the filters a little too aggressive and oops...I couldn't get to my blog and the reason for that was made very clear - "pornography" apparently.

I challenge anybody to find the porn on this blog - its clean I assure you! :o)

Anyways, so had a good laugh, plugged in the admin override password and hey presto...I'm here now! :)

But isn't it ironic how the password defeats the point of the filtering!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

FART (Fire Action Response Team!)

And the acronym of the day is ... !

... well then there's also BAIT (Blonde Astronauts In Training)

I love Balderdash and you can even play it online!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Mr Darcy - a German spy?

hmm...my average posting rating for this month has followed the trend of previous months and continued to be down at a very low rate depsite my strong encouragements to friends to start blogging cause its the best way to stay in touch.

Freaky Movie Sequence
In the last week I have watched 3 films in what turned out to be a rather freaky sequence to watch... Try this...
So what's the link? What has Jane Austen got to do with a World War 2 fact-based drama?
The much anticipated answer, my friends, is in the actors...and it F-R-E-A-K-E-D ME out!

  • Is Mr Darcy really a German spy?
  • Does Mr Collins truly exhibt the enormous skill and intelligence required to be numbered among England's finest code breakers?
  • Is Mr Knightley actually working for MI6? Does Emma know this?
People aren't what they seem anymore!! If you're wondering about my choice of films for last weekend, thinking Hong Kong life is making me soft, then let me assure you that Munich is currently on the list of 'must sees' :o)

Oh and if you're into code breaking then this bbc arcticle might be of interest to you.