Monday, June 25, 2007

Gaming Galoore


To post or not to post... it was very easy not to break with tradition and not post again...especially with a photo like this that I'm sure I'll regret putting up...

But in honour of the man called Paulo, that great mine-placer, the opitomy of XP...we held a gaming night with a 'different feel'.

I should probably step back and explain what it is we're talking about. "Wolf ET" - a computer game that we occasionally get together to play involves various campaigns and missions for soliders (little computer animation thingos) to engage in.... one side attacks...the other get the picture.

Now we've got together in the past to play and its a great excuse for getting the "lad's" together for food, fun and banter. But this time we decided to "up" it a little and surprise paulo by blending reality with gaming fiction by donning some khakis and borrowing some replica weapons. Was a lot of fun!

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