Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Well, following my previous blog entry I thought the "Silent Programmer" name was rather appropriate... notice the change in the title above.

Again, its been sometime since my last post, but this time there is a proper excuse...

But it came off today and to celebrate my 'one (hand) becoming two again" freedom, I have decided to blog in honour of that.


Mike & Helen said...

Nice to see you took my suggestion! I should have copyrighted it first and made a packet.

They should make a silent movie about you.


Mike & Helen said...

Who's arm is that in the background? Is it Katey's? Love the 'help me' message on your arm!

Isn't 'Steveybabe' a bit of a funny blog title? How about renaming it 'Stevey & Babe'?

KT said...

Helen, what a great suggestion!